Joe Rogan Experience #1178 – Dr. Rhonda Patrick: Summary of Podcast Pt. 1

1:30 – Joe asks about BPA.

Dr. Patrick expresses concern over heating plastics. She quotes experiments that observe the effects of plastics containing BPA interacting with boiling water. The findings suggest that this increases BPA leakage by 50-fold.

2:25 – Animal studies that show that BPA replacements like BPS affect the endocrine system and reproduction. BPA is shown to disrupt their insulin sensitivity and causes problems with hormones.

3:03 – We detoxify BPA through urine and sweat. BUT when pregnant, BPA can cross over to the placenta and become more active – Dr. Patrick says the effects become more robust. She made sure that when she was pregnant she was NOT drinking or eating anything from a plastic container.

4:20 – Studies have shown baby bottles that are constantly refilled leak more BPA into the liquid.

7:20 – Living in a metropolitan area with many sources of pollution.

Benzine and particulate matter are concerns for Dr. Patrick. Third world countries with minimal regulations on air pollution have a significant number of cases of strokes in children and teenagers.

13:24 – Carnivore diet

Dr. Patrick dismissed the diet a few years ago. Since attention towards the diet has increased in the past few months – she begins to question what kinds of things are attracting people to try such a restrictive diet. She believes the question “why are people doing this?” is the most important question. She finds that an autoimmune disorder seems to be linked to many cases of people deciding to try the diet.

Multiple studies show that individuals on a low carb high protein diet experience changes in endocrine factors such as insulin and hunger hormone levels that can increase satiation. So you are actually eating less compared to regular diets. Therefore, there are fasting elements to this diet.

On top of changes in the endocrine system, there is a known pattern named ‘food habituation’ where an individual eating the same food and only that food on a daily basis will become less hungry for that particular food compared to someone eating that same food on a weekly basis (amongst other more diverse foods).

Dr. Patrick hints that a lot of the benefit that is described when individuals take on the carnivore diet may be attributed to the fasting-like state that individuals enter.

17:17 – Caloric restriction

Dr. Valter Longo at USC has done experiments on prolonged fasting on humans and animals.

His results, amongst other experiments focused on fasting, show that fasting is a form of stress on the body. When the body is stressed in this way, damaged DNA, damaged mitochondria, and even entire cells (through apoptosis) are removed. This is a benefit to the body.

Other experiments have shown that animals undergoing a 72-hour fast undergo a process that clears away and replenishes about 30% of the immune system. Organs shrink for a short amount of time and expand. Dr. Patrick believes this is because unhealthy or less desirable cells are replaced with healthy new cells.

19:00 – Clinical study by Dr. Longo that show that individuals with multiple sclerosis saw their symptoms improve once they got on a fasting focused diet over the course of a week. The same improvement was seen when individuals were on a ketogenic diet.

Individuals (with multiple sclerosis) who fasted for 24 hours every other day over the course of 15 days saw profound changes in their microbiome map. There were increases in anti inflammatory cytokines and T-regulatory cells. The microbiome is closely linked with autoimmunity as noted by many studies. It links strongly with other disorders such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and parkinson’s.

20:39 – Humans with multiple sclerosis were treated with minocycline (an antibiotic) – their symptoms improved. But after two years of treatment, the improvements went away – Dr. Patrick believes this is because the antibiotic eventually wipes away a significant amount of the good bacteria in the gut.


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