Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Telomeres (PT. 1) | Joe Rogan Experience


(Episode 459) 54:25 – Telomeres; the caps at the end of the chromosomes that help prevent DNA damage. When you are young, the telomeres are long and as you age they shrink in length. We have an enzyme that rebuilds telomeres called telomerase (which we don’t express in high levels) and meditation can increase the amount of telomerase in the body. Meditation can affect the way you age.

(Episode 459) 55:50 – Vitamin D affects on telomeres: aging mouse study. The subjects with the highest levels of vitamin D had the longest telomeres. The subjects were twins yet the study showed a 5 year discrepancy in the age provided by the length of telomeres verses the chronological age of the mice (which is the same given that they are twins). So high levels of vitamin D correlated with one mouse gaining 5 years over his vitamin D deficient twin.

(Episode 459) 56:42 – Similar studies to the one mentioned above have shown that exercise can contribute to preservation of telomere length equating to a lifespan ten years higher than the subject’s twin (who didn’t exercise)

(Episode 502) 47:18 – The intelligence of cancer cells and their developed capability to reactivate telomerase and become immortal. More on telomeres and telomerase in podcast 459.

(Episode 502) 48:43 – Study where mice had their telomerase removed and the future generations (4th generation down in particular) would show signs of aging quickly. When telomerase was reintroduced, the biological effects of having telomerase removed was reversed.

(Episode 502) 50:13 – Werner syndrome and photos of its effects.

Aging; Telomeres; TA-65

(Episode 502) 53:35 – Aging in a nutshell. The act of living, producing reactive oxygen species, does damage to the DNA and this slowly kills us. The repairing process will be less effective if you don’t get the nutrients that the enzymes need (like zinc and magnesium).

(Episode 502) 56:16 – TA-65, telomerase’s ability to lengthen telomeres, and astragalus root. Studies looked at telomerase activity and telomere length. TA-65 increased BOTH. Vitamin D slows the process of shortening the telomeres, whereas these studies show that TA-65 may be responsible for rebuilding and lengthening telomere length. Dr. Patrick claims to never have seen something that lengthens telomeres. The study showed 40% longer telomeres. She also says that the logical thing to do would be to test and see if TA-65 would turn pre-cancerous cells into full blown cancer cells – to see if it’s appropriate for market.


(Episode 672) 45:13 – Dr. Patrick talks about an interesting study that took about 1000 young individuals and looked at many different biomarkers to see if there was anything that can be linked to the rates of aging. At the start of the study, the subjects were 26. Researchers looked at telomere length, cholesterol. C-reactive protein and 15 other things. They checked back at age 32 and again at 38. Even though these people were the same chronological age, their telomeres represented very different biological ages. Some looked ten years younger, while others looked ten years older. There is a correlation between physical appearance and the biological age. [I don’t believe any other correlations were discussed, I’m sure she had something to say about the 18 factors that were studied]


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