Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Omega-3s (PT. 1) | Joe Rogan Experience

Omega-3 Fatty Acids; Effects on the Brain

(Episode 459) 1:04:45 – Interesting point brought up about the negative feedback involved in creating dopamine in the front and back of the brain (if you make it in the front then the creation in the back is lessened and visa versa). Schizophrenic individuals don’t have that feedback and they produce dopamine in the back of the brain and this can lead to hallucinations and paranoia. The addition of omega-3 has helped restore this feedback by providing essential fat to the brain.


(Episode 502) 2:07:38 – Dr. Patrick lists some of the supplements she takes. She takes a vitamin B complex from Swanson Brand. She takes omega-3 from Nordic Naturals.

(Episode 502) 2:10:29 – You can take too much vitamin D. Dr. Patrick has observed the toxicity levels of vitamin D to be 10,000IU a day.

Omega-3s: EPA, DHA, ALA

(Episode 502) 2:10:55 – Dr. Patrick explains omega-3s. There are 3: EPA, DHA, and ALA (flax seed, walnuts). ALA can be converted into EPA (inefficient conversion at about 5%). If you are getting all of your omega-3 from foods where it is in the form of ALA, then you are not getting the right amount of EPA because only 5% of it can be converted. If you are vegetarian, Patrick recommends micro algae oil because micro algae produces the omega-3s that the fish consume.

(Episode 502) 2:13:20 – Rogan takes 10 omega-3 pills and Patrick takes 6.

(Episode 502) 2:15:12 – Mechanism for anti-inflammation and where omega-3 fits in. EPA inhibits the arachidonic acid pathway which produces prostaglandins. Basically these prostaglandins are responsible for inflammation. 2g of EPA can reduce the C-reactive protein levels significantly, which lowers inflammation. 

(Episode 502) 2:17:43 – omega-3s are polyunsaturated and are thus prone to oxidation. Keep them in the fridge. Check if the fat has become rancid by occasionally cutting a pill and smelling the contents. Consuming rancid fats can be bad.

(Episode 502) 2:21:45 – In addition to the anti-inflammatory benefits of EPA and the phospholipid bilayer benefits of DHA, they also bind to DNA regions and activate them. Much like vitamin D, EPA and DHA turns on parts of the DNA. This was brought up by an attempt to understand what benefits krill oil has over fish oil – no consensus has been reached.

(Episode 502) 2:27:29 – Resources that Dr. Patrick uses to get information on different supplements. She recommends the Linus Pauling Institute. They provide balanced reviews on a variety of supplemental vitamins, minerals, and essential fats.


(Episode 568) 51:00 – Brain inflammation and E2 series prostaglandins. When inflammation in the brain occurs, E2 series prostaglandins are released and they inhibit the brain’s ability to release serotonin. You cannot release serotonin from a presynaptic neuron; you need the release of serotonin to regulate behavior. The subjects who were injected with inflammatory cytokines were given EPA (one of the omega-3s [more on this in previous summaries]) and they did not get the depressive symptoms. EPA effectively inhibits the secretion of E2 series prostaglandins.


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