Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Myostatin Inhibitors | Joe Rogan Experience

Myostatin Inhibitors

(Episode 459) 1:32:55 – Joe brings up myostatin inhibitors. At this point they have discussed the tradeoffs associated with growth hormone and longevity. Yet the myostatin inhibitor examples presented make an interesting case because the subjects in these experiments and accidents tend to live longer (according to the information Joe presents) and have very large muscles.

Myostatin Inhibitors; CRISPR

(Episode 672) 2:21:56 –¬†Myostatin inhibitors and administration in people. Myostatin itself inhibits muscle growth. Myostatin inhibitors stop this inhibition and therefore muscles grow abnormally large. Studies in mice have found that when myostatin is inhibited, the mice live longer. The study that Dr. Patrick refers to used CRISPR [the technology was just making its way into the public eye at the time of this podcast].


2:28:13 – CRISPR. The technology came about when scientists found that there was viral DNA present in bacteria. One scientist theorized that the DNA exists in the bacteria because it is part of a mechanism used to combat the virus at a later point; the bacteria is now prepared and understands the threat. There exists a protein known as CAS-9 that we all make that can recognize these sequences; CAS-9 also cuts and replaces stands, making this a very precise process.


(Episode 901) 2:16:03 – Myostatin inhibitors discussed again. Myostatin gene knockout results in a significant increase in an animal’s muscle mass and on top of that the organism lives longer. However, the article they read says that the inhibition of myostatin does not improve bone density to support the gains.


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