Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Hot Yoga | Joe Rogan Experience

Hot Yoga; Heat Shocking

(Episode 672) 2:13:30 – Hot yoga. Training in heat has been shown to have performance enhancements. Patrick explains that the benefits are very similar to that of the sauna (blood to the heart and activation of heat shock proteins) [discussed in a prior summary]. Your tolerance for exercising harder increases because that generates heat and exposure to the hot yoga can make you more accustomed to feeling that. It has been shown in mouse studies that heat stress protect neurons from cell death.

(Episode 672) 2:17:40 – Dynorphins. Dynorphins (the counter to endorphin) are released when experiencing discomfort; they signal the brain to create more receptors that bind to beta endorphins which are released when you exercise or expose yourself to heat. This process is the mechanism behind feeling good after something like a workout or a sauna session. Dr. Patrick explains that when she would use it in the morning, she would feel much better and handle the stress of work better.

Heat Shock Proteins

(Episode 773) 1:18:23 – Hot yoga; heat shock proteins. When the body is hot, it releases dynorphin in an attempt to cool down. We have discussed Dr. Patrick’s explanation of the increase in µ-opiod receptors in a previous summary. Basically, there is an increase in the number of these receptors (which bind with endorphins), so when you experience something positive after this increase you are far more sensitive to positive feelings. Anything causing you to sweat will release dynorphins.


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