Dr. Rhonda Patrick on CRISPR | Joe Rogan Experience


(Episode 672) 2:28:13 – CRISPR. The technology came about when scientists found that there was viral DNA present in bacteria. One scientist theorized that the DNA exists in the bacteria because it is part of a mechanism used to combat the virus at a later point; the bacteria is now prepared and understands the threat. There exists a protein known as CAS-9 that we all make that can recognize these sequences; CAS-9 also cuts and replaces stands, making this a very precise process.

(Episode 672) 2:32:13 – Dr. Patrick’s vision for the future of CRISPR. We may be able to take stem cells and alter a polymorphism so that we have a desired sequence. As of now we can make stem cells from any cell and once we understand the “cocktail” of environment that turns that stem cell into the desired cell we can transfer it back into the body.

(Episode 773) 2:08:01 – Dr. Patrick explains CRISPR. CRISPR allows researchers to find sections of the DNA sequence, cut out the section, and replace it with a desired alternative section. Up until CRISPR, genetic manipulation was largely done via distributing genetic material hoping it would find its way and replace the domestic sequences.


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