Joe Rogan Experience #1054 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick: Summary of Podcast Pt.5

Probiotics; Stress

2:20:36 – Probiotics and stress. Gut issues from stress can be fixed with taking a probiotic. Dr. Patrick took VSL3 [discussed in a prior summary] and now takes probiotics from a company called Visbiome. There have been a few studies that show that taking a probiotic can improve anxiety, cognition and depression scores. The whole field of gut-brain mechanics is interesting and new; overall it is novel territory and we are still trying to figure it out.

Gut Health; Cognitive Disease; Autism

2:26:06 – Studies have shown connections between gut microbiome and cognitive diseases. There have been links established with being on the autistic spectrum, with Parkinson’s disease, and with multiple sclerosis. Some of the short chain fatty acids that the gut microbiome makes increase the production of natural killer T cells which can kill cancer cells as effectively as chemotherapy. When the gut produces less of the bacteria that feed these T cells, the body can’t fight the cancer as effectively. There were human trials where subjects with colorectal cancer were given a high dose (around 400 billion) of probiotic and saw their cancer recurrence rates decrease. The gut is the major source of inflammation in the body. Patrick addresses how many people are concerned with taking some exogenous compound from some chemical (and people should be concerned) that can be cancerous; she says that people need to put a large emphasis on what is going on in the gut and the harmful effects of regular metabolism.

Vitamin D; Autism

2:28:40 – Contributing factors to autism. In the past, Dr. Patrick’s research has established a connection with vitamin D deficiency and autism. Joe and Patrick list a few links: paternal age being linked with autism, smoking with autism, and maternal age linked to down syndrome.

Paying Off Scientists

2:32:20 – Dr. Patrick discusses her participation in a study of blueberries funded by The US Highbush Blueberry Council. The blueberry powder activated stress response pathways but so did the placebo powder (which contained a small amount of refined sugar and food coloring; both have been shown to slightly express genes responsible for a hormedic response). The results of the study were not very significant but the point was that just because a study is funded by a large entity does not mean that the results will be tampered with in any way; data is data. Typically Big Sugar is the major industry that gets involved in research and occasionally tampers with the process.

Weight Lifting; Strength Training

2:50:35 – Weightlifting. Strength training has been shown to be very beneficial. Studies show that people who do strength training have a 23% lower all cause mortality and 30% lower cancer related mortality. There was another study that showed a correlation between leg strength and cognitive function (not arms; only legs). Joe explains Hindu squats.

Running; Nike

2:53:20 – Joe explains to Dr. Patrick how Nike changed the way people run by making shoes with padding on the heel rather than the ball of the foot. The ball of the foot is the natural shock absorber; running on the heel has been shown to cause knee problems. Joe runs in either Vibrum FiveFinger Shoes or Merrell Shoes. The FiveFinger shoes claim to help strengthen the feet, which is apparently true but the effects are seen after prolonged use.



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