Joe Rogan Experience #901 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick: Summary of Podcast Pt.5

Myostatin Inhibitors

2:16:03 – Myostatin inhibitors discussed again. Myostatin gene knockout results in a significant increase in an animal’s muscle mass and on top of that the organism lives longer. However, the article they read says that the inhibition of myostatin does not improve bone density to support the gains.

Time Restricted Eating; Muscle Gain

2:27:28 – Time restricted eating. The first thing you put into your system that is not water, starts a series of metabolic enzymes. These enzymes are on a clock and start when we are exposed to light or consume food and beverages. After about twelve hours of enzyme use, they start to perform less effectively. Dr. Patrick references Dr. Satchidananda Panda’s app that measured the windows which most people had these enzymes active. It was observed that most people have these enzymes active for over 15 hours. When they are active for more than twelve hours, they can contribute to fat gain and insulin insensitivity. A mouse eating a regular diet (one that isn’t full of sugars and fats) wherein moments of food consumption are separated by a minimum of twelve hours (9-10 hours were shown to be the best), there was substantial muscle gain and improved endurance; all the while without having to exercise more. Mice gained more muscle by doing nothing else other than eating with a time restricted window. Also, this didn’t have to be the case everyday for the week, there can be two cheat days a week and the effects are still observed. Remember that this window starts the moment an individual consumes anything that isn’t water.

Time Restricted Eating; Reduce Cancer Risk

2:39:24 – Time restricted eating and reduced cancer risk. Studies have shown that women who had breast cancer reduced their risk for breast cancer recurrence when on a time restricted eating diet. When not on a time restricted diet, proteins involved in increasing insulin insensitivity, lowering IGF1 levels, and other functions responsible for creating hormones are all known to promote cancer growth; having a window of fasting lowers the activation of these pathways. People who work shifts and therefore cannot gain the benefits of this diet as easily, have been observed to have double the likelihood of getting cancer and are much more likely to be type II diabetic. Dr. Patrick has implemented time restricted eating in her own life and is pleased with the results.

Saturated Fats

2:44:33 – Saturated fats discussed again. Saturated fat increases LDL cholesterol. Every time the body makes a new cell, it needs LDL to transport cholesterol and fatty acids. Statins induce an inhibition of cholesterol synthesis; people on statins experience muscle atrophy as a result of this inhibition. Muscles cells and tissue are constantly in need of repair, cholesterol and saturated fats are vital to this process. Cholesterol can become a problem if refined sugar plays is a significant enough role in a person’s diet; refined sugar increases the amount of small dense LDL, which causes massive problems when mixed with inflammatory cytokines.

2:47:35 – Saturated fat being demonized as a result of the sugar industry bribing scientists to say that saturated fat was to blame for heart disease. Scientists were bribed to release false data. Demonization of saturated fat lead to more refined sugar consumption nationwide and worse yet, nationwide trans-fat intake. Intake of trans-fats in the cells screw up the structure of the cell and in the case of blood vessel cells, causes them to become stiff. The FDA finally banned trans-fats and companies have until 2018 to get the food off the shelves; all of this after decades of knowing about the harm that trans-fats cause.

2:55:20 – Foods from supermarkets will say on the label ‘no trans-fats’, but at fast food restaurants, the consumer may not know that he or she is consuming trans-fats.



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