Joe Rogan Experience #459 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick: Summary of Podcast Pt.3


51:17 – Probiotics. Discussing the gut microbiome. A well known biomarker for depression is spotting high levels of a certain protein which results from the gut microbiome (C-Reactive protein) [I don’t believe she spoke on the relation between C-reactive protein and the gut microbiome]


54:25 – Telomeres; the caps at the end of the chromosomes that help prevent DNA damage. When you are young, the telomeres are long and as you age they shrink in length. We have an enzyme that rebuilds telomeres called telomerase (which we don’t express in high levels) and meditation can increase the amount of telomerase in the body. Meditation can affect the way you age.

55:50 – Vitamin D affects on telomeres: aging mouse study. The subjects with the highest levels of vitamin D had the longest telomeres. The subjects were twins yet the study showed a 5 year discrepancy in the age provided by the length of telomeres verses the chronological age of the mice (which is the same given that they are twins). So high levels of vitamin D correlated with one mouse gaining 5 years over his vitamin D deficient twin.

56:42 – Similar studies to the one mentioned above have shown that exercise can contribute to preservation of telomere length equating to a lifespan ten years higher than the subject’s twin (who didn’t exercise)

57:25 – Photos of the studies involving mice twins

Vitamin K

59:20 – Dr. Patrick provides an example using vitamin K. This example explains that while vitamin K is used to aid anti-clogging proteins, all the vitamin K in the body might be use for that one high-priority function. Yet there are other pathways that require vitamin K that may get the short end of the stick; like anti-calcification of the arteries. If this continues, 2 or 3 decades later you might see this calcification. Naturally, we’d make a decision to increase the vitamin K in our system. The point is that there is a lot to understand, but we can deduce that the body prioritizes pathways that help it survive NOW and not necessarily think ahead – that is our job. 


1:02:40 – Study regarding pharmaceutical drugs and the unknown affects. 15 years later, the subject’s brain began to atrophy. Her point is that there are feedback mechanisms in the body that we don’t understand. Yet 1 in 10 Americans is on an SSRI (selective serotonin retake inhibitor)

Omega-3 Fatty Acids; Effects on the Brain

1:04:45 – Interesting point brought up about the negative feedback involved in creating dopamine in the front and back of the brain (if you make it in the front then the creation in the back is lessened and visa versa). Schizophrenic individuals don’t have that feedback and they produce dopamine in the back of the brain and this can lead to hallucinations and paranoia. The addition of omega-3 has helped restore this feedback by providing essential fat to the brain.

MCT Oil; Lauric Acid

1:06:47 – MCT oil and coconut oil. MCT oil is missing lauric acid and Dr. Patrick says there are many benefits to it, including appetite suppression and anti-microbial. She’s a big fan of lauric acid.


1:11:40 – Plastic bottles and BPA; BPA’s estrogen mimicking effects. This is a problem for developing males [they don’t go further into it].

Growth Hormone

1:14:00 – IGF-1 and high correlation with cancer. Eating fat increases IGF-1. IGF-1 can signal to a cell that is scheduled to die that it can in fact keep living.

1:16:55 – IGF-1 and a negative feedback loop between the pituitary gland and the liver

1:18:04 – Growth hormone can be increased through exercise and the sauna (dry). This blows Joe’s mind. This is great for injury as well. How the sauna increases growth hormone is not known as of the time of the podcast, but studies have shown elevated levels of growth hormone in subjects after a session in the sauna.


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