Joe Rogan Experience #459 with Dr. Rhonda Patrick: Summary of Podcast Pt.5

2:04:42 – NASA funded study looking at the effects on cancer cells when in space. Gravity affects the expression of genes involved in metastasis; when in zero gravity this gene is expressed less. The gene being expressed less made the cancer less aggressive.

Supplement Misinformation

2:09:18 – Study showing 70% of herbal supplements do not include what is claimed. Dr. Patrick also addresses the diverted attention the consumers have towards exotic remedies and away from the vitamins and minerals we know for a fact have significant benefits.

Placebo Effect

2:11:31 – Studies that have shown the significance of the placebo effect. There is something to be said about a sugar pill; things with no capability to make you feel a certain way may make you feel that way just by you assuming it will.


2:13:00 – Joe brings up the management of the mind and the incomprehensible complexion involved. Dr. Patrick responds with experiments that have shown the effects on the mind when you lower the amount of tryptophan in the body. Subjects in these cases have shown to continue to do actions which they know lead to punishment in the context of the study. Dr. Patrick explains tryptophan and it’s effects on the mind in-depth in the beginning of the podcast. Link to that summary.

Myotoxins in Coffee

2:18:54 – Joe explains how studies show no mycotoxins in a sample of bags of coffee from four producers. Joe also says that producers keep mycotoxins out of the final product. Dr. Patrick expresses her concern for the reactive oxygen species that the body produces rather than the ones we take in. [I consider this to be an interesting point; we tend to think that our natural bodily functions can’t hurt us that much but she thinks differently]

2:25:20 – Dr. Patrick addresses the concern some people have over lectin in beans. Some people believe that the lectin found in beans causes gut inflammation and leads to leaky gut. Dr. Patrick informs us that heat inactivated lectin; so unless you are eating raw kidney beans then you shouldn’t worry. She also mentions that beans are high in fiber so we are feeding good bacteria that don’t play a role in gut inflammation.

2:31:29 – Dr. Patrick expresses the attention to detail needed to understand published studies. Without it results can be misconstrued and can lead the reader down a path of misinformation.

2:34:31 – They discuss fracking

2:42:44 – The understanding of ignorance in order to learn. Why it’s important to accept looking like a fool occasionally if it means being inquisitive and thus implementing the scientific method.

2:46:28 – Where people can find content by Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Here is the link.



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